Apophasis (apophasis) wrote,

First off, big thanks out to A. and M. for hosting this last weekend at the cabin. It was an awesome time! Got to find out that while I'm about 15 years out of practice, I'm still a fair shot. It took a couple of tries, but I still managed to shoot a peanut off a log at a reasonable distance :D

Take that you nut!

If next years theme is 'Drink what you want, but shoot what you drink'...I should be in good shape ;)

So...back to work. Another week from hell and some major negotiations and ugly hardball. One thing I will say about being submerged in business. My patience for cleverness has hit rock bottom. Clever isn't smart. Clever isn't intelligent. Clever is one step forward and two back. Clever is penny wise and pound foolish. And clever sadly dominates a lot of business ideas and trends. And let me tell you, it's a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.
I am watching wheels spin and having to do catch up work for some very clever men who are risking being hoisted by their own petard when an intelligent straight forward approach would have gotten them all they've wanted and more.

Frankly...I'd rather be shooting :P

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