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I was startled awake this morning by a strange sight. A Canada Goose managed to perch on the tiny ledge of my bedroom window on the fourth floor. It knocked on the window with its beak and greeted me with a seemingly cheery squawk.

I actually have quite a bit to update on, both up and down, but it seems like each of the updates continue to grow and extend and I end up waiting for something to end so that I can give a 'final' update on it. I guess when I do get around to it, it will all just have to be works in progress.

I'm really glad that spring seems to finally have arrived. Winter does little to assuage my anxiety about getting older for some reason. Probably all the cold aches in my bones makes me feel older than I am. Once spring arrives, I feel much, much better. I'm trying to eat better and get back into some semblance of shape, and so far (touch wood) I'm sticking to it. I'm certainly feeling better physically than I have in some time. And younger. I guess one positive side to stress making you feel like you are 60 all the time, is that when a reminder of your actual age comes around, you feel great about it :)

But seriously, so far (again, touch wood) I feel like I have a much stronger handle on stress. A combination of some recent successes and a final acceptance of past failures. I hope to have some larger announcements in a few months - we'll so how things play out.

My advice is to go out. Take a walk. Let some spring in and revel in your vitality. It's worrisome seeing people younger than me start to act (not in terms of wisdom and maturity per se, but in terms of habit) so much older when there is still so much life to be had. Been there, done that.

Enjoy your prime.

And always remember, regardless of your age, your prime is now.
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